Why Big Monster?

BigMonster Academy (BMA) was conceived to address what we saw as a fundamental flaw in the digital marketing space dominated by a few gurus : the lack of proper methodology in training newbies in digital marketing.

There is a lot of “noise” surrounding the digital marketing industry, causing confusion in the marketplace. It became harder to separate the serious marketers from the gurus who make money from teaching rather than doing. Their programs are given the polished ‘celebrity treatment’ to give a signature feel to it. They put up large conferences invite multiple superstars to speak and peddle their products – it’s like you buying a complication CD filled with 2015’s greatest pop hits! With so many celebrities endorsing their training – how can you fail, right? And if you do fail, there are plenty of disclaimers that says it’s your fault.

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Yes, many gurus would be quick to point out that not everyone in their program will succeed and almost too quick to say that the students didn’t work hard enough, or too slow, or failed to follow instructions.

Sound familiar? Almost too convenient, isn’t it?

Yup. No seminar program we know has been able to claim that all students that went through their doors went on to big success. It’s a given..the 80/20 rule. 20 out of 100 will make something out of their investment. A statistic that most bootcamp and seminar organisers are happy to accept. (Besides, if everyone succeeded the first time, they have no reason to buy the next upsell, right?)

But is it a good enough reason to stop innovating how people train in digital marketing?

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“Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great” – Mark Twain

As such, we spoke to dozens of PROFESSIONALS IN THE TRAINING ARENA about the shortcoming of seminar/bootcamp industry. They all agreed that … :

◾ Some prey on people’s desire for quick fixes and one-click overnight riches

◾ Which in turn leads to programs that cut corners in the way the learners are trained.
◾ Learners are overwhelmed with tactics and technical info but not the critical strategies with which to apply to their business.
◾ Given little time to practice or clarify their doubts.
◾ Little after-program support
◾ Over emphasis on ‘make-a-million-overnight’ mindset with little or no regard to the individual learning style or strengths of the participants that signed up.
◾ Ignores the impact of teamwork and leadership on success.
◾ Bulk of the time spent on learning things they could have outsourced as business owners.

The Big Monstrous Difference

Solopreneurs who chose to work alone often “die” alone in their business.

Mini-agencies on the other hand thrives and are never constrained by volume of work, lack of

Our Academy is interested in only one thing : seeing our students succeed TOGETHER.

Learning with Big Monster Academy is about co-creating a solid foundation of knowledge for each participant to excel in their profession or business, and arming them with the skills to scale their business so that they no longer have to operate like a one-man army with 8 tentacles.

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