The Fly and The Ant: Internet Marketer

Let me share with you the difference between two types of Internet marketers : The Fly and The Ant. The Fly Internet marketer is one who falls for every shady promise and shiny new software tool that comes into the market from so-called gurus, or what we call the Venus fly traps. A Venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant that lies in wait; luring its victims to their doom with the promise of sweet nectar from its maw; before snapping it shut and trapping its prey. The victim is then digested alive, dying a slow and agonizing death.

The Fly Marketer

fly into trap, internet marketer 1

Like a fly to the flytrap…

For the individual, unsuspecting fly, the whiffs from the sweet smelling substance is so irresistible that it lands right on top of the trap’s maw – and we know what happens next. A slow, painful death; much like the guru-seminar attendee who is bombarded by continuous up-sells even after paying $5000, $10,000 or $15,000 for a weekend programme.

A fly often gets tricked by neon lights that shine through a glass window and keeps hitting its head against the glass window as it tries in vain to get in. Likewise the Fly Marketer is the one that flies excitedly at headlines that say, “make a million overnight”, “make money while you sleep!” and actually believe that the guru will deliver on those promises.

The Fly gets eaten alive because there is a network of Venus flytraps and neon lights laying in wait – all designed to lure the flies in as food for the big predators.

And then there’s The Ant…

ants on leaf, internet marketer 1



While he’s small and can’t fly, He’s industrious. In his daily routine he faces plenty of obstacles, but he is able to overcome all of them with ease. WHY?


The Ant works as part of a bigger team – A HIVE of them – to locate and lift big pieces of food, cross streams, and tear apart giant carcasses into bite-sized bits to be brought back to their nest. Likewise, the Ant Marketer is able to size up any business, identify the challenges facing it, and immediately start hacking it down into smaller tasks.

Unfortunately, the Internet Marketing scene is populated with ‘The Fly’…in an industry meant for ‘The Ant’.

Are you The FLY? Or The ANT?



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